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Migration from RPG to COBOL with RTC

Arguments for the migration from RPG to COBOL with "RTC"

from RPG

  • It is extremely difficult to find up-and-coming programmers
  • No DB2 linkage
  • No up-to date tools for RPG available (e.g. debuggers)


  • X-Open standardized language (portability)
  • Simple maintenance
  • Independent of "RPG know-how"
  • With the option of choosing later on:
    • file I/O techniques
    • presentation variants
    • client / server concepts
    • OLTP architecture

with RTC

  • In use with more than 100 customers
  • Generates pure COBOL source code
  • Clear interfaces
  • RPG logic structure generates simple COBOL instructions
  • Diverse additional information in file and list form